Jan 9, 2010

Family Friends

The better part of one's life consists of his friendships. (Abraham Lincoln)

Every since I can remember my family has been friends with the H. family. I have grown up along side their two children; Tab was a year ahead of me and Josh a year behind me. I have already written a post about Tab; today I want to talk about Josh...

Last Sunday night our church held it's annual New Year's service where two senior college men spoke. This year, Josh was selected. As I sat and listened to Josh speak I couldn't help but be transported back in time to my childhood.

Playing hide and go seek outside after dark.
Josh teaching me how to yo-yo.
Me teaching Josh some random ditties on the piano.
Competing with each other in classes for the best grades.
Sharing yo-mama jokes.
Playing at the park next to our house.
Communicating on our walkie talkies and getting onto other people's walkie channels.

The list could go on and on. The list these days is different though. No longer are we all childhood friends running around playing freeze tag. Josh moved into the dorm following high school graduation and no longer is our time together a constant thing as was when we were kids.

Now Josh is a college senior, and is dating a lovely young lady. Josh? The same kid who my sisters and I all had crushes on at some point in our life. Now Josh was standing in the pulpit, the church pulpit...PREACHING. WOW, where had the years gone? Not only was he just preaching...he was preaching, GOOD. I know I may be bias, but he was REAL good. I couldn't help but tear up alittle as I sat there in amazement. Where was the little boy from my childhood, could he be this godly handsome young man who was now standing before me?

Josh has been a part of my life since forever and truly his friendship has made my life better.

My high school graduation 2005

Brooke's high school graduation 2008

Tab's college graduation 2009

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  1. Nicole..that made me tear up!! I know..sometimes i wish we could go back to the simpler times of life!! Love you guys soo much!!~~Tab:)



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