Feb 13, 2010

At the end of the day...

The last couple of days at work have been pretty CRAZY! When you take a party plus lots of sugar, mixed with hyper children...CRAZY is what you get.

We had three valentine parties for our three Pre-School classes and by party #3 I really was sick and tired of explaining how to play musical chairs!! I thought it would be simple...but it really was a complicated game for 3 yearolds to grasp. Some wanted to sit in the chairs the whole time, others thought that they had assigned seating and didn't want anyone to sit in THEIR chair, and others thought it was more fun to run around the classroom.

I must admit that my patience was really running thin with them; something I try hard not to let happen. I found myself being a little too short with my sugar-high children and I couldn't wait until my work day was OVER! I kept looking at the clock; longing for that little hand to reach the four...I just couldn't wait for the end of the day to come.

I was sitting on the ground helping a four year old girl with her puzzle when she stopped and looked intently at me. I looked up into her big green eyes. "What?" I said, a wee bit harshly.

She looked back at me and a smile lit up her face, "I love you, Miss Nicole."

My voice caught in my throat and I hugged her and replied in a soft tone, "I love you too..."

The end of the day came and I left somewhat reluctantly...my heart touched by a child.

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  1. Just thought I should let you know...you really are a great teacher. Every child adores you..why shouldn't they- you are amazing :)



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