Feb 3, 2010

Charles Martin Infatuation!

So, I have this teeny-tiny small infatuation with ...

Charles Martin.

Who exactly is this man who consumes many of my thoughts???

Charles Martin is an author that I became acquainted with about 9 months ago. He is an author unlike any other. This is from a girl {ME} who feels as though she has read every good book that the public library contains; and she has felt this way since age 17. So imagine her delight when she discovered a "new" author!

Okay, enough of my third person... I do highly recommend books by Charles Martin; you can read about his works on his website here. So far he has written six:

When Crickets Cry
I recommend reading this one first.
If you like his style and find you can't
put it down, you'll also enjoy his others.

Wrapped in Rain

Chasing Fireflies

The Dead Don't Dance
& it's sequel

Where the River Ends

And coming in June, 2010!!!
The Mountain Between Us

Not only does Charles write in a very descriptive manner, but each one of his books teaches a lesson. Whether it be forgiveness, not living in the past, discovering who you are, living each day as it is your last, or taking chances. I am a proud owner of all of his works and I even have gotten my mom hooked on them. In the last two weeks she has read 4!!

So, if you are looking for a good read...read Charles Martin and perhaps you will share my infatuation!


  1. I'll have to read them as soon as I finish college :)

  2. I devoured every book and can't wait for the next one.

  3. Who do you recommend I read until Charles Martin's next book comes out?

  4. I really have not find an author that is comparable to Charles Martin; however I do enjoy works by Richard Paul Evans. I own most of his works as well and haven't been disappointed yet.



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