Feb 5, 2010

What I Love About Winter...

To name just a few:

  1. Scarves
  2. Coffee from DD's
  3. Waking up to a pitch black house
  4. Fresh dusting of snow on the trees
  5. Attending the Mother-Daughter Banquet at my church
  6. Being the first to put my tracks in the snow
  7. Shopping holiday clearance
  8. Savoring Mom's homemade chili
  9. Watching College Basketball games
  10. Snow days = school cancellation!!!
  11. Laughing at the little boy's wrestling attempts at the school's annual Wrestle-O-Rama
  12. Slippers and robe
  13. Girl Scout cookies
  14. The smell of Christmas Wreath by Yankee Candle
  15. Renewed appreciation for heat

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