Mar 23, 2010

Reality Check

Two of the greatest blessings in my life...
Brooke & Lauren - my sisters

I recently heard a pastor speaking about going through hard times. He and his wife recently received a call at 3 a.m. from their 8 year old granddaughter telling them that the ambulance was taking daddy (their son) away to the hospital. He told how they hopped in the car immediately, all the while praying aloud. Their diabetic son and father of 3 had gone into a coma and was in a critical state.

The son finally pulled through and by the Lord's mercy he is still alive. The pastor told how that phone call made him pause in the midst of the business of his life...
for a reality check.

The day after all this happened the pastor's car quit working, the landlines were down, his grandson dropped the cellphone in the toilet, and he burnt his hand while trying to fix the car.

On any other occasion, he would have gotten frustrated, perhaps even angry...lashed out at someone, or questioned God. But, that day, was different...

Why? Because he had a reality check the evening before.

What is life all about?


So...I sat there and thought and I am still pondering that thought, and that is why I chose to write on this topic for Unwrapping my Tuesday. Next time the little things that may cause frustrations and headache come into my life I want to take a deep breath, trust God, and have
a reality check in my life. What is really important to you?


  1. Very true reality checks have not been so drastic today, but Catie was putting marinara sauce into the freezer and it all came pouring out. It was the worst mess I have had (ever had!) ...but, she was so sad I couldn't get upset. Her feelings meant more to me than cleaning up the mess. Amazing insight...thank you.



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