Apr 12, 2010

Crafts from Blogland!

I have never been one to venture out into craft;, the word craft actually used to scare me... That is, until I was introduced to many fun and easy ones through blogland. Here are a few I have tried.

(PS-they are not perfect, so don't look too closely...)

#1 Tile Coasters
these were fun and pretty easy to make-
they make great gifts and are also inexpensive

Easy to follow steps given here.

#2 Decorating wood letters for
easy and cute wall decor

Easy to follow step found here.

#3 My personal favorite...Magnetic Board

Made my own magnets from scrapbook embellishments
and an idea borrowed from here.

No longer a word that I associate with knitting and cross stitching...
Something I actually can both do and enjoy!


  1. Let's see...I'll take the red/gold coaster:) I am pretty impressed. I also really like the wooden letters.

  2. Lucky me, I have such a talented sister-you can do everything- cook, clean, crafts, kids, on and on- Your the Woman! :)

  3. These are very nice! I will have to keep them in mind for the future! --Andrea

  4. Wow, brains,talent and beauty all wrapped up in one person



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