May 24, 2010

Only in Chesterton...

...Can you read these headlines:

Woman's Purse ALMOST Stolen

Work Continues on Sinkhole

170 Bikes Collected in Bike Drive

Sparkler Ignites Bush in Town

GPS Taken Out of UNLOCKED Car

Community Warning: Middle Aged Man Posing as Police, Pulls Over Boy on Bike

Solar Powered Light Stolen...

...(following day) Solar Powered Light Returned

Elderly Man Takes Picture With Cell Phone of Woman's Backside

Dog Attempts to Bite Boy


  1. HA! I'll say the opposite... This town annoys me! Boy do I miss Ohio!! :)

  2. lol..i used to love when papa would read me the headlines..such a funny,cute,wierd,fun,little town..even though thats not my "hometown" i sure do miss it!!~~Tab;)



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