May 29, 2010

And then there were three...

Growing up we were called the foursome and last week the first of us was married. We were inseparable crew in high school, we did everything together; from birthday parties to getting in trouble. College came and we were in different classes, dating, and working jobs; no longer were we the foursome. College graduation came and went and then "she" was asked THE question by her special someone. Of course I had known it was coming, but I really could not believe that she was going to be married and move to another country!

I was not for sure what I would feel when she walked down that aisle; and then the moment came... The organ was playing the wedding march and she was walking down the aisle looking beautiful as ever. Suddenly I found myself remembering so many of the good times we had had together in high school and wishing we had stayed that close through college. Then, she looked at me and smiled... That is when the tears began to fall. I don't know where they came from; I was so happy for her, yet so sad. Where had our childhood gone? I felt the tears falling harder now and I had to focus on stopping them and taking in every moment of her special day.

The ceremony was over and I was able to get a couple pictures and hug her one last time. It was such a beautiful wedding and I was so proud to have shared a part in her life.

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