May 4, 2010


Seventeen years old...that's how old my baby sister is today.
I can't believe it...

Seems like just yesterday, I was the proud big sister picking her up from the nursery, and bringing her "num-nums" (her name for candy) for staying dry. Just yesterday she was that annoying little sister who wouldn't leave me alone during my birthday parties and insisted on being a part of them.

I don't know what happened. It seems like I blinked and now before me is a beautiful young lady. I love her to pieces, I really do. I can't imagine if I would have already been married - I would have missed out on this transformation. I would have missed out on so much. No longer is she "just" my baby sister, she has also become my friend and confidant.

She is so different from me in personality, but so many times I see my faults in her and it makes me strive to be better...for her. She, unlike me, is athletic. Good at so many sports, running, football; you name it, and she is up for it! She is totally unlike me in that she dislikes jewelry immensely. No rings, bracelets, necklaces, or earrings; she refuses to wear any except for a watch! She loves to do outdoor work; she is in her glory when mowing the grass and working with Dad. We tease sometimes that she is the brother we never had.

She is a hard worker and musically talented. I really enjoy listening to her sing in the shower; something I can't say about another sibling of mine...;) She is artistic, smart, and might I add beautiful; but more importantly she has a very soft heart and ready to serve attitude.

I am so very proud to call this young lady my baby sis; Happy Birthday, Lauren, I love you!

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