Jun 26, 2010

What I Love About Her

Today my little sister, Brooke, celebrated her 20th birthday!

Actually the celebration started yesterday at work with the little kids we work with.
They sang her happy birthday and then we all enjoyed eating ice cream treats!

For lunch Brooke and I went to the best place in town to get a
smoothie, and we both got Berry Bonanza...heaven in a cup!!

Brooke's choice of dinner was Mom's homemade taco pizza and chocolate chip cheesecake,
which we all enjoyed immensely.

In honor of the 20 years I have been able to share with Brooke I would like share 20 things that I love about my baby sister.

1. Her chocolate, brown, puppy-dog eyes

2. How she gives of herself in her ministries

3. The way she sings way off key...:)

4. Her generous spirit

5. How deeply she loves; expecting nothing in return

6. Her soft moldable heart

7. Her strange sense of fashion and how she tries to wear jewelery with everything!

8. Her daring sense of adventure

9. Her compassion for the elderly in the Nursing Home

10. Her contagious giggle (usually at a time when we shouldn't be laughing; like in church...)

11. Her take charge attitude

12. Listening to her give speeches

13. Her adorable toes

14. Her dedication towards the kiddies we both work with

15. The way she gets stressed out over papers and projects

16. Her seriousness

17. Her sleek shiny hair

18. Her deep appreciation for food ;)

19. Her strange collection of books

20. How that she is not only my sister, but also my best friend!

Happy 20th Birthday, Brooke, we love you so much!


  1. Awww- this is so sweet. I love the family photo!



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