Jun 25, 2010


The package arrived early afternoon...
Within its brown wrapping was contained this book...the one I have been
waiting for for approximately 6 months...

If you don't know me well then you don't really know the significance of this package. You can read about my small infatuation with this author here.

I am now a proud owner of all seven of Charles Martin's books...woohoo! This one was scheduled for release on June 1st and rather than pre-ordering it (as much as I wanted to) I decided to wait until I had a coupon and could get it for a discounted price. So...last week I got a 40% coupon to Borders and you can guess what I used it on!!

Now that I have the book I am going to try to wait until we go on vacation in August to read it. I figure all the waiting and anticipation will make the reading more worth while. So for now I will settle for smelling the pages and reading the cover insert; and, hopefully it will suffice my curiosity!

1 comment:

  1. When I finish his first book, Chasing Fireflies, I will let you know if I share this strange infatuation that you have



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