Sep 28, 2010



Who doesn't like to get an unexpected letter from a dear friend???

Today I was so happy to discover not only a letter from my sweet friend, EJ, but
also this package...
I instantly knew what its contents contained...

Maybe to your eyes this looks like just an ordinary bracelet; but it is FAR from that!

It was custom designed by 4 girlfriends who, 16 months ago knew that it would be there last summer together.

Each girl chose a bead that best fit their personality and taste and then EJ (aka the Master Beader) put it together.

This bracelet has been mailed several hundred miles as it makes its rotation to and from each of the girlfriends.

Tearing into that brown envelope, I couldn't help but think of my 3 friends and reminisce on our friendship. Our lives have changed so much since that summer day, but, despite the distance wearing this bracelet makes me feel somewhat closer to them...
Miss ya girls!


  1. Girl..I just teared up!!! :( I miss you all so much! I was just thinking yesterday afternoon that I needed to send a "mass" text to everyone to find out the "location" of the bracelet!! I can't wait till my turn! Love and miss all of my girls!!!

  2. me too..that was soo sweet!! :) i cant wait till its my turn!! miss all my girls soo much!!
    Tab :)

  3. Awww- I just cried too :) I miss you guys so much! I must admit that I had the bracelet since Liz's wedding. I was DETERMINED that it would work for me. LOL- and, I must admit, it did!!!! ;) Now it's Cole's turn to "get lucky"

    Love ya soooo much!
    EJ (aka the Master Beader bahaha)



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