Sep 18, 2010


The last two days, I have been delayed in getting to work due to these creatures...

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This picture is taken in my subdivision, after they had ever so slowly crossed the street, all the while taunting me with their big brown eyes, as if to say,
"YOU are running late to work, and WE are not helping...heeheehee!"

Of course, I could have made it to work a little sooner, if I hadn't decided to pull out my camera and snap a few pictures too!

The day before, I was driving down the road at approximately 6:55 (cutting it close to being on time...again...), when I noticed the oncoming car stopped in the middle of the road flashing his lights at me. I slowed to a stop to see that there was a family of deer standing on the side of the road, contemplating whether or not they should cross. One skirted across the road, and another followed, however the third stood there on the side paralyzed. By now quite a line of cars had formed and it was even closer to 7:00. I sighed in frustration, and ever so slowly proceeded, I was NOT going to wait anymore for that deer to cross. As I drove pass the line of cars, I am most certain, that almost every driver glared at me...


Oh, to be back on Tybee, where the signs read,

and we saw this along the highway...

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  1. I couldn't agree more with you. Oh to be back on Tybee again where there are no deer crossings and might I add no R.R. Crossing either!



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