Oct 23, 2010

Celebrating Home

Look what I received in the mail this week...

Seven boxes which contain a decoration of some sort
{mirrors, sconces, vanity tray, glass vase, picture, etc}
to someday beautify a home of my own!


I got them all for only $30, even though their value was...$164!!!
Talk about a deal!

Of course you are thinking, "How?" "Where?" and "No fair!"

A couple of weeks ago my mom hosted a Celebrating Home Party at
our house. It was a great party; boy, do I have alot to live up to...
Besides gorging myself on my Mom's fine delicacies, I also decided to have a book party of my own. I took the books to work not really expecting my coworkers to make any purchases.

I was wrong...

I ended up having SEVERAL purchases; so many that I received $88 of FREE (don't we all love that word) merchandise, as well as four items at 1/2 price!!

I was shocked and thrilled beyond words.

Those seven boxes are still on bedroom floor; I shake my head in amazement every time I look at them...

So, if you want to receive great home decor for discounted, unbelievable prices, think about hosting a Celebrating Home Party; you won't be disappointed.

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