Oct 25, 2010

My new client

Photography is a passion of mine, and a hobby that I can never get enough of. This past weekend I was able to take pictures of our close friends' new addition to their family...Remington!

I did not know quite what to expect, seeing as all of my subject thus far have been people. But, I had so much fun; Remington is an adorable, fun-loving puppy.

This is how our session went...

No silly faces, Remington.

Open those eyes!

Please stand still!

Remington, Come back here!

No, you cannot have any more treats.

Okay, I am sorry I yelled. Now please look at me.

Shh! Not so loud.

That a boy, Remington. Good puppy!
{Sharing my mosaic with Mary; view more great photos here!}


  1. I love love this Nicole! I have THE cutest little brother in the world!!! You did an awesome job with him!

  2. One has to fall in love with Remington! So well done your mosaic!

  3. How adorable!! Great Pictures, Nicole! I love the one of him by the pumpkin:) Just as long as they don't take him to see Santa--



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