Oct 15, 2010



Sometimes subtle and slow, but nonetheless, clearly evident.

It will happen whether or not we are watching.
Changes are happening all around us.

In God's beautiful creation it is easy to see this natural phenomenon,
yet not so easy to observe in people.

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I have been doing a lot of thinking and observing lately of this very thing.
Why do people change?
Does it mean that they were never who they pretended to be?
Is it due in part to their circumstances and or location?
Did I only see what I wanted to?

Naturally, growing into adulthood will bring changes, both for the good,
but also sometimes for the worse.

I look at myself and see how I have changed.
Maybe not as noticeable as the autumn trees,
but there has definitely been change.

Sometimes it is difficult to accept the changes that have taken place
in people we once held dear, but acceptance is necessary
to bring composure and steadiness and thus move on.
Change is after all the alteration from one state into another; a transformation.
Change is inevitable, but I can look at the seasons and know that God knows best.

So, although people and friends are changing around me,
I can lean completely and fully on Him;
for He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

{the photographs were taken over the interval of one week of the same tree}


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  2. What a beautiful post. And such a great reminder that in this world where people are pleading for change; we can seek of the face of the One who never changes.



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