Oct 3, 2010

Wait for God's Afters

It is the end which justifies all and explains all. It is to the ultimate goal that God's eye is ever turning. At the right moment the shining harvest will appear! What thought the seed may seem to perish in the dark cold ground! What will that matter when the blade burst forth, and the ear unfolds, and the full corn waves over the golden harvest field?

Luther was once in earnest prayer over some matter of great moment, desiring to know the mind of God in it; and it seemed as though he heard God say to him, "I am not to be traced."

If God is not to be traced, He is to be trusted.
"After these things things Jesus manifested Himself."
"Nevertheless afterward."

However dark the nows may be in your experience, the afters of God are worth waiting for!

God's ways may be hidden, but
Wait for God's Afters!

{Mrs. Charles E. Cowman excerpt from Springs in the Valley}

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  1. What a wonderful post and so true...
    Joseph was in the palace "after" he had been in the "pit."
    Moses became the Great Leader to lead the Isrealites out of bondage, "after" he had been in the wilderness.
    Jonah won a city to God, "after" he had been in the whale's belly.
    God KNOWS what is best for us in order to be the "BEST" for Him. Love you ~Mom

  2. Beautiful Nicole--I love the poem Afterwards-by Spurgeon--I did a post on this back in April--it is the getting through and experiencing the afterwards--that is what takes faith--



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