Nov 15, 2010


This past week at my church, we held our annual teen conference-Empowered Youth. Oh how well I remember those days! :) So many good memories and great decisions made...

This year I was scheduled to work in nursery during that midweek service that ends the teen conference. I was extremely disappointed. So...what did I do?
I got a sub to take my spot in nursery so that I could once again feel like a teenager listening to Pastor Damron's corny jokes and get to hear wonderful preaching geared towards youth!

As I sat in the service I couldn't help but remember my friends and I, along with the several other churches' youth groups that used to gather some 6-12 years ago. I thought of the several I ended up going to Baptist college with and then I thought of the many who never made it to high school graduation; classmates who had come to the Crossroads in their life and chosen not to follow Christ. I looked out into the many faces of teenagers and I was filled with a burden for the teens of my church. So many of them at the same Crossroads that I was at when I was their age.

I was reminded of a song we used to sing with the bus kids I picked up on the Gary route:::

I met Jesus at the crossroads,
Where the two ways meet.
Satan too, was standing there,
And he said "Come this way,
There's lots and lots of pleasures,
I will give to you today."

But I said, "No!!
There's Jesus here,
Just see what He offers me...
Down here my sins forgiven,
Up there a home in heaven.
Praise God,
That's the way for me!"

Choosing Christ over the pleasures of sin for a season, is a decision I know I will never regret; a decision that I pray the teens of FBA will make as well.

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  1. This truth grabs at my heart-over and over-it is truly a Cross Road for so many--you either take up your cross and follow Him--or you go the seemingly easy way--only to find the burden of sin heavier than the cross--and--on the other road--He carries your cross--



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