Jan 28, 2011

a confession...

So...I have a confession.

Something that hit me last night at a PTF meeting...

Are you ready???



I know it is quite absurd; and  maybe I was just caught up in the moment of listening to the high school choir (who might I add, sounded AMAZING), or saying the pledge, or maybe it was the awards they handed out.  I really don't know what did it for me, but suddenly I felt this wave of schoolsickness sweep over me.

No, I do not miss the tests or the papers and quizzes.  What I do miss is the learning...  Learning from an instructor in classes like Composition, Public Speaking, English Literature, American Literature, Accounting, and Biological Issues. 

I actually am in the process of getting my CDA, which entails going to a 3-4 hour class every other Saturday for 9 months.  But, unfortunately I don't feel as if I am learning anything there.  The teacher is nice and all, but more than 75% of class time is discussion; and truly I would rather hear what she has to say than my peers.  I also am in the middle of a 6 week online photography class; but it still isn't cutting it for me. :)

All this to say that TODAY (who knows how long this feeling will last; afterall I am a girl and entitled to changing my  mind) I miss school.  I have this desire to suddenly pull out my College notes and notebooks I put together and pour over them...is that weird??  

Maybe I should just settle and re-read A Tale of Two Cities or Pride and Prejudice.  I always seem to find some nugget of information in the works of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen...

Ahh...decisions, decisions...


  1. Well, I have a report due Tuesday and another one due on Thursday. I have test on Thursday, and also a I have to give a Persuasive speech to my classmates on why one should donate blood. And that is just this next week. Since you miss school so much, would you like to write my reports, prepare my speech,and take my test? Pretty Please, I am so ready to be done with school!!!

  2. No..I dont think your weird..I feel the same way sometimes..Helping the kids with their classwork..I sometimes wish i could be working on classwork or something..but i learn alot of them specially the 6th graders..miss ya!!
    Tab :)

  3. ok...I think you are weird!!! :) I have way TOO much school in my life!! I do like Brooke's idea!! I'm sure it would be a wonderful sisterly thing for you to do! Love you girl...less than 3 weeks till I see you!

  4. Brooke...so funny! Read a really deep book--it will really fulfill that need to learn-your girls intuition was right:)

    I miss my Church! I heard the choir was amazing too...

  5. Well Nick i am with you i absolutely love school, and to think i only have 4 more months of it. :(
    ~Lauren P.S. i think the choir sounded pretty amazing too ;)



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