Feb 1, 2011


IT is here...the big storm - Snowmageddon!

Schools were dismissed early this afternoon and have been cancelled for tomorrow...
which means NO WORK for me!

I am so pumped; I absolutely love the snow and the idea of a blizzard and
being snowed in thrills me!

No worries either.
 My family and I are completely and totally prepared to hibernate.
We were able to make it out to the store (which was a mad house)
 and stock up on some much needed items.

Our heat is cranked,
we are snug in our pjs,
and we are completely ready to brace the weather, 
from the comforts of home...

So far I have gotten some beading done,

And I am enjoying these niceties :::

Hope you all are enjoying your evening as much as I am;
Happy Snow DAY!

1 comment:

  1. That is exactly how I feel! I'm just praying the power doesn't go out!



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