Mar 7, 2011


[I am late in entering my mosaic over at Mary's
but this is probably one of my favorites;
so I had to share it...:)]

One dreary, drizzly Saturday (1 1/2 weeks ago), my dad decided on a whim 
to take the family out for lunch in Chicago. 
 Of course, we all jumped at the offer,
 seeing as we absolutely love the city!

We had a delicious lunch at Lawry's complete with some amazing prime rib 

and out-of-this-world dessert!

 {strawberry trifle}

{chocolate bag}

& a first for me...Creme Brulee!! {heaven in a dish!!}


It was rainy and blustery, and we did not want to window shop, 
so we opted to drive the scenic route home.  
So hence all the above pictures in my mosaic were taken
 from inside a car window! 
{which I think adds so much character to them} :)

View more mosaics here!


  1. Ahhh, your mosaic of Chicago is awesome! It could be a postcard. We love Chicago. Our oldest daughter is at The University of Chicago, so we visit quite a bit.

  2. That last shot is really neat! It took me a sec to figure it out!! :) For some reason, it looks like you're peeking through broken or shattered glass. The floor gives an interesting dynamic to the picture.

  3. Would like to see more of your fotos on Chicago.Never been there.

  4. These pictures are so good!! :) I miss Chicago!! Looks like you all had a wonderful day together. Miss you!

  5. Wow, I am very impressed! (and a little jealous- I miss Chicago) Flying in in just 4 days, can't wait to see you!!!

  6. Nice pictures of Chicago Nicole. And speaking of Chicago, you may be interested in this event.

  7. Ok, so I have been waiting for a new post from you so I can RAVE about how much I love your new blog look!!!! But...I just can't wait anymore...
    I love it! It looks just like you! :)
    Miss you sweet friend!



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