Mar 24, 2011

In me

Something has been on my heart for a couple of weeks and I wanted to put my thoughts onto "paper."  It all started with a Sunday morning testimony from a man who told the congregation how his perspective on life and his church ministries had changed.  Simply put, without going into all the details, God spoke to him about not just going through the motions in his church ministries as well as not being so hard on the  children he brought into church, but instead realizing that he had been put in their life for a purpose.

It really set me thinking...

Every Sunday morning I have the opportunity to drive and pick up little kids and shuttle them to the bus where they get taken to Sunday School.  I then get on the bus where I am with these children for approximately 20 minutes.  When I get to church I get to help in a 5-6 grade girl Sunday School class of approximately 40-50 girls.  After the Sunday service I then get back on the bus and spend another 20 minutes back to the shuttle car and then another approximate hour in the car taking kids back to their houses.

Was I taking advantage of the time I had with these children?

Was I more concerned with getting them to the bus, or rushing through a Sunday School lesson?

Was I letting Christ shine through my life, by showing them compassion?
The majority of the children I am with on Sundays come from broken homes.  Homes where, when I stand outside their door I can hear cussing and obscenities being yelled as common language.  Homes where never once is the Bible read or God's name mentioned except for in swearing.  

Two families off my route that I would shuttle to the bus, recently moved, one of them being completely unexpected and without me getting to say, "Goodbye."  I wondered to myself if I had made an impact on them.  Did they see Jesus in me? Or was I crabby and impatient because they talked to much, bickered with their siblings, made me wait, or they had bad odor?  I was the small amount of Jesus that they were around each week...

God has kept me at my home church for a purpose; and it may be one that I will never know here on earth.  Am I taking advantage of it?  Is Jesus being seen in me?


  1. Encouraging post Nicole--I know my Catie sees Jesus in you--thank you.

  2. Thanks for your sweet note on my blog, Nicole! I LOVED this post. I see the sweetness of your heart in your writing. Glad to be blogging friends ;-)



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