Mar 22, 2011

Time well spent:

 I wanted to be sure to share the pictures from my fun time spent with my good friend, EJ,

We had a jewelry party featuring our own unique designs; 
we had a great time making the jewelry, surveying each other's designs,
and then planning the the party via phone calls, texts, and emails.

We had such an enjoyable time hosting the event, and can't wait to put together another
one when she is home during the summer!



 Keychains, bookmarks, pins,

 Glass tile pendants,


 And adorable resin cabochon rings!

 Brought to you by expressionBYnicole & elizabeth-ann-designs! :)

Next on our agenda was to visit here::

 A coworker of mine had told me about this place several months ago, and I had been dying to
to go but alas, had no one who wanted to go with me or who was remotely interrested in painting ceramics.
When I found out EJ was coming home, I knew at once she would want to go, since we have many of the same interests in extracurricular activities and hobbies.

The first step was picking out what we wanted to paint...
 Decisions, decisions...
It's so hard to be a girl! ;)

After that we looked through some books to get an idea of what we
wanted to paint on our cup holders, and then it was off to choose the paint!

Excited and nervous to paint the first stroke...
 It was a relaxing two hours, where we hardly spoke a word to
each other, both of us intently painting our "handiworks..."

 Here I go!!

 I was done before EJ, so attempted a self portrait with my creation!

And then we tried several attempts to take a picture of both us and our cup
holders...(note to self:  it is difficult to hold a dslr out far enough in order to 
capture more than the forehead of the subject...)

 Here we be...

 And us again...

Trying so hard to get our holders up in the picture...
It was quite comical! :)

It was a fun evening; time well spent with great company!

And now every time I reach for a freshly sharpened pencil I will think of my dear friend!


  1. Aww I love this! I'm so glad you two had such a great time together!
    I so wish I could have been to the jewelry party! You two are so talented and adorable! Miss you both!
    ps....Just thought I should let you know I'm so lucky to have TWO friends that send me super cute jewelry!! I just get a big smile when I feel a something "thick" inside an envelope from you! ;) Makes my day!

  2. Aww, I love this too! It was such a fun week- so glad I got to spend so much time with you :) The jewelry party was so much fun, and I think I'll be able to do one myself here now. As for the ceramics, we MUST do it again (now that we're pro's ;) Love you girl, and thanks for a great time!



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