Apr 30, 2011


This week just ended one of the busiest weeks of the entire year, but also one of the most productive.

It started off with Easter...

And also the beginning of my church's annual Preaching Conference, an event
that takes place every last week in April.
We had services starting Sunday that led into Thursday with special speakers
from all over the world...quite literally! (This year we had Dr. Cloud from Nepal)

On Monday, I was able to attend my second Sustainer's Banquet for Fairhaven Baptist College
(I attended my first one as a senior in college)
The food was absolutely delicious and although I did not bring my camera along, I can
distinctively remember how delicious and moist the Parmesan chicken was (that might I add
was prepped for cooking by Chef Mi Papa) and how I ate the best wildfire chicken salad ever.
And the desert...wow!  A piece of strawberry heaven!  :)

I was excited to be attending with my parents but then a little disappointed to find out I had 
not been seated at their table.  However I got to sit with a bunch of older, mature, and
so much fun ladies!  I enjoyed their company thoroughly and was so glad that
I was able to fellowship with people I normally do not get to!

The rest of the week was a whirlwind of special services, amazing messages,
nursery chaos, an alumni breakfast and reuniting of old college friends!

After staying up late and getting up early, Friday served as a great day to have off!
Brooke and I used the day to drive over to Orland Park, where we did some shopping
(mainly for my littlest sister's b-day) and had a great time just hanging out! 

Potbelly's + Starbuck's Vanilla Bean Frapp + Charming Charlies + Archivers = GREAT day! :)

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  1. You look amazing in that white suit! DDG :)
    I had a lot of fun with you on Friday; I always love being able to spend extra time with you.

  2. You do look so great in the picture! I have such beautiful friends!!!! :) I also love the Easter pictures..and your parents are adorable. I miss them! :(
    p.s...Charming Charlie and Archivers?!?! All in one day...I think I would be in heaven! :)

  3. p.s.s...Brooke, only YOU could look cute posing in with your mouth wide open stuffing your face! Seriously!? You are adorable! ;)



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