Apr 14, 2011

Fix my hair, please...

Today at work, one of the little girls came up to me and ask me to fix her hair, and, so I did.
But apparently, it was not to her satisfaction, because no sooner had I put it up, I saw her take it down and go up to another teacher and ask them to "Please, DO it RIGHT!"

And so came to me a memory...

I adore being a sister and better yet the eldest...hehehehe ;)  (oh the things we can torment the younger ones with!)  Not really.  Anyways, when my youngest sister was in elementary she would ask me to fix her hair.  And, of course, I obliged.  It was like playing beauty shop...but even better!  Sometimes, I would give her a braid, maybe some pigtails, and for special occasions - ringlets.  I thought I made her stunning!

But then one day I passed her in the hall at school.  Well, actually I passed her class and glanced among the children for the girl with the best hair-do.  I couldn't find her.  Instead I spotted a pony-tail.  And not even a good one.

I was devastated to learn upon asking Lauren, that most days when she got to school she would just throw her hair up in a pony.  Why, oh why would she do that?  And so I refused to fix her hair anymore.  Except for on occasion when she would plead with her large hazel eyes and pouty mouth...

Now our roles are reversed.

You see, I find myself at loss and unable to fix hair, and so I go to my baby sister (who is not a baby anymore) and ask her to "Please fix my hair?"

No longer is she asking me for braids, but it is I asking her.  I miss those days of practicing my lack of hair skills on my little sister, but, I am enjoying these days far more! :)

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  1. Super sweet post! :) I love the relationship you have with your sisters! You all have a special place in my heart. ;)



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