Apr 14, 2011


 You know what I love about a memory?

I love how you could have totally forgotten about something, and then in an instant  it comes back to you.  It could be a smell, a song, or an object that triggers it.

You remember and you laugh.  The people around you are looking at you, wanting you to explain
your sudden laughter.  But how can you explain all those feelings that are wrapped up in a memory?

How do you try to relate what that moment meant to you, to someone else?

I love sitting around with my family and reminiscing.   Whether it be about a vacation mishap, 911 calls, or things my sisters and I got by with...  Whatever it may be, we can sit and laugh for hours.  I love those times spent with my family.  I love sitting at work with my sister and sharing childhood memories.  We will laugh to our hearts content, while our coworkers shake their heads as they have now grown accustom to our frequent outbursts.

And so, I have decided that every Thursday I will include in my blog a memory.
Sometimes it may be comical, other times, be serious.  

It has been said:

{Memories are a way of holding onto the things you love,
the things you are, 
and the things you never want to lose.}

[to be continued]

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