May 25, 2011

A quick, "Hello!"

{Just because I promised several of my loyal readers back home 
that I would past some pictures while vacationing out West}

Greetings from Driggs, Idaho!
  Our temporary two week residence...

My window view when I awoke...

 Grand Tetons completely surrounding us!

 Walking a trail and enjoying the views!

[unedited pictures uploaded here...:)]

Will check in later, I am too busy soaking in the wonder and beauty
of the majestic Tetons.


  1. Your window view is absolutely breathtaking! Isn't our God amazing. I'm so glad He didn't just make flat land, because mountains are beautiful! ;)
    Have a fun time!

  2. Very pretty!! Hope you all have a wonderful time out there!

  3. I can promise you the place you will be staying three nights from now won't be quite that beautiful or have anywhere near that good of view lol!! But I can promise you, you will still be having a BLAST!!!! :) Can't wait to see you!!!!

  4. So beautiful! Who needs editing when you have pictures like that:) Have a great time!



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