Jun 2, 2011

Happenings in Cali!

Well, my visit to California is half-way over,
and I have taken way too many pictures
and had way too much fun!

I was able to spend last week surrounded by the
beauty of the Tetons and this week I am seeing places
1.  Monterey

Spending time with Liz & Julian
{always full of excitement :)}

2.  Pebble Beach Drive

3.  Napa

 {Culinary School}

I was able to open the eyes of my California friend
 to all the palm trees around her,
that she never knew were there...


  1. Ha! What blonde California friend was that!? Certainly NOT this one!! ;) We are having so much fun having you here!! DON'T LEAVE!!

  2. Wow, so beautiful! We miss you here in Idaho! Look forward to seeing you back home in a few days.. Love you :)

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  4. quick ques... where are all the space shuttles??
    lol love you and miss you!!! ~Lauren

  5. What pretty pictures!
    I love California - I was there last year <3

    I love your blog so I've awarded you this award :D You deserve it and are truly inspirational!

    Go here to claim it:

    Katrine <3

  6. California? I am jealous! That culinary school looks like it is begging to be used as a backdrop for some amazing pictures!

    Someday I will make it out there and visit the city I was born in...someday.

    Gotta say picture #7 of Pebble Beach is my favorite. Nice capture!

  7. Thanks for the comments, I am thoroughly enjoying my time and I do miss you, sistas! :)

    And, Jack, the Culinary school WAS amazing! It was ginormous and I could not come close to capturing the whole thing. California is beautiful; so many things to see. A place definitely worth visiting. :)

  8. Looks like your having tons of fun :) It is so beatiful there..Love ya
    TAb :)

  9. Wow!! Great pictures!!



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