Aug 6, 2011

Setting up house!

Over the last few days I was able to spend some time with one of my best friends, Tab
who will be getting married in just 13 days!
I drove up to MI where I was able to help her get her apartment decorated and in order.
We had so much fun, staying up late, moving furniture, hanging pictures, painting, and grocery shopping.

Tab is my oldest friend.
My mom and her mom were best friends prior to either of our births,
so it was only natural that we inherited their closeness with each other.
I remember playing house with our barbies and her brother's GIJoes for hours on end, 
and dreaming of someday having our own house.

Well, her day has come and her little nest is just perfect and I know she will make a wonderful housewife!

Her future sister-in-law, Susan has been a huge help, and we had alot of fun with her.

We painted the master bedroom green, but were not able to get it all set up...
Tab will be conquering that project this week!

I love her kitchen!
We could have sat in there for hours just soaking it all in...:)

Her living room is so very homey...

And although you cannot tell from this picture her bathroom colors are blue and yellow...
Michigan colors, OF COURSE! :)

So glad I was able to make the trip,
I had a memory filled two days!

Come see some of my photography over at Serendipity-Images.


  1. Her apartment looks really cute! You girls did a great job! :)


    Saw this on pininterest and thought of your upcoming wedding shoot:)

  3. Thanks, Mrs. M I browsed that site and got a few different ideas!



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