Mar 27, 2012


My life in pictures...

Last month, Rick and Lizzy invited Jack and I to their place
where we enjoyed delicious food, great fellowship,
and some pretty intense game playing! :)

Spring break doesn't necessarily effect me, but I certainly enjoyed
getting to spend some more time with my sisters

We enjoyed getting our nails done together one Saturday...

And then the next Saturday, one of my best friends came home on
her spring break, and we hit up the Lighthouse mall for some deal shopping!

Somewhere in there I got a package in the mail with the traveling bracelet;
wearing it always makes me feel close to my besties...

My parents' evenings have been filled with countless games
of Scrabble, in which sometimes I have to referee...:)

I have also been enjoying every opportunity I get with Jack...
of course!! :)

I was able to go down twice and thoroughly enjoyed myself both times.

Spring came early to Indiana and we definitely are not complaining about that!

Watching the sunset at the Dunes is always a summer tradition,
and I was happy I could spend the first one of the season with my special someone...

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  1. I also understand you had a birthday in the midst of everything! Happy Belated Birthday!!

  2. I can't wait to see what you two do together with two cameras. I'm sure the result will be amazing. :)

  3. Such a sweet post! I am so happy that you found such a wonderful man! Isn't it amazing how God's timing is always perfect? And, I agree, I can't wait to see both of you with cameras.:)

  4. Glad some of your "happenings" could be with me Nicole! :o) I love you!

    And for MBC abd EJ, pretty much if you see me and Nicole together, you can be sure there is at least one camera nearby if not several. ;)

  5. I love this post! You are gorgeous girl! <3 I'm your newest follower. :D come check out my blog and follow?!




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