May 8, 2009

Back to Reality...

Well, Friday has come, and reality is setting back in...Let me explain. The last two days have been basically free of work and full of fun and excitement. On Wednesday, I went on my last college activity. We went to Indianapolis where we spent a majority of the time shopping at Center Point Mall, which was absolutely and wonderfully enjoyable in every way. We were supposed to watch a minor league baseball game, but unfortunately it was raining and the game was postponed. So...where did my group go??? Back to the mall of course! At about 4:00 we met at the state capital where Eric Miller gave us a peek into where the Senate meets and also into our Lieutenant Governor's office. I must say that I got quite a workout from that day...I spent about eight hours standing or walking, and boy oh boy I am still feeling it! But, I suppose it helped me walk off the strawberry banana smoothie and pizza I ate that day. Our evening was capped off with standing on the side off the highway beside our broken down bus. It wouldn't be a Fairhaven trip if it wasn't complete with a dysfunctional bus! So, don't ask me how, but two bus loads somehow fit in our travel bus, and let's just say that the ride home was a little too close for comfort, but it definitely was a memorable one! Here are some pics too illustrate my day:
Rainy Indy

Michelle and her umbrella she had purchase at

the mall!

Paul and Brooke having a good time.

Stephanie, Elizabeth, and Me at the stadium...

Brooke and Paul at the Capital

Waiting outside our broken down bus...

Michelle, Brooke, and I squished into one seat!

I was able finish an intense book I was reading

on the way home.

Yesterday, to describe in one word would in stuffed...or pigged out...TOO MUCH FOOD FOR ONE PERSON...SINFUL. Elizabeth invited me as her "date" to Claim Jumpers along with about 20 others who had won the trip and picked a friend to bring along as well. We took the travel bus to Oakbrook, IL where we gorged ourselves on monstrous portions of potato cakes, ribs, chicken, seven layer chocolate cake and an eclair. We had a great time eating and fellow shipping, and I probably left the restaurant a good five pounds heavier. I should fast the next few days to make up for all the food I ate there!

So, today has come and reality did set back in when I went to eat lunch along with my little kiddies at work...No more smoothies, ribs, chicken, or seven layer cakes...instead I gorged myself on macaroni and cheese with cut up hot dogs in it...ooh, yumminess...;)

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  1. Nicole Elizabeth- this is an aweful pic.... but wasn't the food good?



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