Jun 27, 2009

Growing Up...

Once upon a time there was this family, a daddy, a mommy, and a little girl. This girl was so spoiled as she was the only one in the family...However all this changed when the little girl was 3 1/2 years old. Mommy went to the hospital and came back with a baby girl who, she was told would some day grow to big like her. Mommy explained that this little baby was her sister and that it was now her responsibility to watch out for her, and most importantly to be a good example, for someone would be looking up to her. At first, she didn't understand what her mom meant, after all she was so very little.

As the little girl grew older so did her baby sister. They played together, built forts, made frequent walks to the park and library, had sleepovers in each others rooms...and fought. They would bicker, argue, call each other names, hit, and tattle incessantly. Mom really knew how to punish the two. She would make the girls hug each other and apologize. She would tell them, "Having a sister is the most wonderful thing in the world. Your friends will all move on with their life someday; but your sister will always be your constant companion. She will be there no matter what. Someday girls, you will be the bestest of friends."

The girls would look at each other, the younger with a longing in her eyes, but the eldest thinking, "No way, my sister my best friend...that will be the day..."

Well, years have went by and now the two are best friends. They got to go through a semester of college together, they've been able to work the same job for over a year together. The eldest thought she didn't need sisters, she thought she would be married and living her own life. But, life didn't go according to her plans, in fact, it is so much more than she could have dreamt up or imagined. Why? Because she does have a sister who has grown to be just what her all wise mother once said...her best friend.

Yesterday, Brooke celebrated her 19th birthday and I am ever so very proud to be her big sister...

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