Jan 13, 2010

God knows...

Have you ever felt bad for yourself?

Thought nobody understood you?

Believed yourself to be the only one to go through your situations?

Worried about the future?

Wondered if anybody knew what you were thinking or feeling?

Today I was thinking more than one of those things to myself, when all of sudden it was if God whispered in my heart, "I know."

I had to stop, rid myself of my worrisome ridiculous thinking and be reminded that yes, GOD, does know. If He knows when a sparrow falls, then, of course He knows about my little heartaches and questions that run through my mind. GOD knows that I am human and that I don't understand His ways. And... I know that I can rely on GOD, trust GOD, and know that perfect peace will come to me when my mind is stayed on HIM.

He is the Lord of lords, and when He speaks
winds and waves obey.
When Jesus whispers, "Peace be still,"
then darkness turns to day.
And as I'm trusting in my Saviour's Word
doubts and fears all cease.
And beneath the shelter of His wings
I'm at rest in perfect peace.

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