Apr 24, 2010


Limits...something we all have, right?

When I was little I believed my Dad to be super smart and with limitless resources of knowledge. Now, he has explained to me that NO, he does not know EVERYTHING, just... a little ABOUT everything...

Then, there are the limits that the government enforces on cars. For instance, if my mom had her way she would go 80 mph in a 55 limit...

And then there is food consumption. Something that I find really hard to limit myself on!

Limits are something, however, that God does NOT have, and for that I am truly grateful. I serve a limitless God. Think about that for a minute... Limitless, boundless, measureless, uncountable. That pretty much sums up my God. (this next portion is an excerpt from Springs in the Desert by Mrs. Coleman)

We are profoundly impressed with the unlimited resources of the God of the Bible. He never does anything small. When He makes an ocean He makes it so deep that no man can fathom it. When He makes a mountain He makes it so large that no one can measure or weigh it. When He makes flowers, He scatters multiplied millions of them where there is no one to admire them but Himself. When He makes grace, He makes it without sides or bottom and leaved the top off. Instead of giving salvation with a medicine dropper, He pours it forth like a river.

There is no grudging in God's benevolence; He does not measure out His goodness as the apothecary counts his drops and measures his drams, slowly and exactly, drop by drop. When God sets out to do a thing for us, He does it with a prodigality of love-prompted abundance that fairly staggers one who reckons things by the coldly calculating standards of earth.

God's way is characterized by multitudinous and overflowing bounty, like that in nature which is so profuse in beauty and life that every drop of the ocean, every square inch or the forest glade, every molecule of water, teems with marvels and defies the research and investigation of man. Well may we cry with the Apostle, "I have all and abound."

Do I dare to limit God by doubting His abilities and questioning His ways? How can I, a limited mortal, not trust in a limitless God?

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  1. I sense a theme coming with Preaching Conference...and I think your blog post started it off!



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