Apr 22, 2010

Senior Photo Shoot #1

I had lots of fun taking this young lady's senior pictures.

Chellberg Farm is my favorite picture spot in town, so of course I took some shots there!

The rest of these shots were taken on my church's property...


  1. You did an awesome job- I wish I could of had as good a photographer for my senior photos.

  2. These are great! I love them all! My favorite ones are 4,5 and 6. Love the black and whites...

  3. It helps that your "subject" is so beautiful! You did a great job! Now we just wait 'til Juju can hold her head up straight for her turn!

  4. Wow Nicole! You did a really nice job! She looks so nice! Mrs. E

  5. Nicole, these are very good! I would have you do mine if I were graduating. You could be a blessing to many people at Fairhaven if you continue to finetune this talent. A. Bowles did my wedding pics, and I absolutely loved them better than the other professional photographer who also did some. It seems amateurs are doing as well or better than the professionals these days...Best wishes on your continued photographing! Andrea



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