Apr 2, 2010

Where O Where Have I Been?

Sorry for the lack of posts; it has been a busy week!
Rather than try to tell what has occupied my time,
here is the last few days in pictures:

#1 Family nights...spending time
with my fun-loving and sometimes
crazy family is something I never tire

Here we are in New Buffalo, MI
at a favorite burger joint!

Enjoying the sights of the town...

Lauren entertains me enough with all
her facial expressions!

#2 My best friend came all the way
from South Carolina to spend the week
with me...Well, kinda...she was on spring
break visiting her family too.

One day we picked up another friend, Liz,
then went out for some girl time!

Included shopping... of course!

#3 Helped Brooke put up her bulletin
board, which I think turned out

#4 And another party at work...
Egg dyeing and easter hunt!


  1. Great pictures- and I am so glad to be a part of your busy life...:)



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