Jun 1, 2010

Family Dinner

Family dinners... the time of day when everything finally settles down and the family is able to gather 'round the table and catch up on each others' day. Oh how I love this time; and I am ever so grateful that despite our busy schedules we usually always come to the table for food and fellowship. I am so fortunate to have both a Mother and Father who are excellent cooks, and I hope to pick up on their talent when I have a family of my own.
This is a family favorite of ours:
Stuffed Shells (served with Texas toast of course!)

Stuff pasta shells with whatever you desire...
We use Italian Sausage, ricotta, spaghetti sauce, mozzarella,
Parmesan, oregano, and garlic.

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  1. I'm definitely going to be calling you needing some tips about being a great cook!! This looks AWESOME!!!



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