Nov 20, 2010

Expression by Nicole

I enjoy designing jewelry through beading.  I was first introduced to this hobby by my good friend EJ, who has moved out of state to teach in a Christian Academy.  I always enjoyed receiving gifts from her, because I could usually expect to get a new piece of jewelry and it was even more special because she had designed it!  When I was able to visit her this last spring, she taught me the basics to beading, and I have become addicted ever since.

I like to bead necklaces, bracelets, keychains, bookmarks, and earrings in my spare time.  Not only has it become something I thoroughly enjoy doing; it is also a great avenue for gifts!

And...that is why I decided to open an Etsy store to sell my stockpile of gifts...:)

On November 30th, I will be actually having an in home party to present my designs.  I am offering those who attend 20% off any of my online pieces.  So...for those of you who cannot attend, I would like to extend the same discount to you good until December 1st.

Please feel free to browse my shop and email me with any questions.  
I also do custom orders if you do not see a color or style of beading that you prefer.

I hope you can find something that matches your style, or that of a friend's!


  1. This jewelry party is a great idea!!! I just wish I could be a part!
    p.s Your jewelry is beautiful! :)

  2. Oh, your jewelry is lovely! Best of luck with your new shop! :)

  3. Super cute stuff, Cole! I haven't had time to bead in forever!!! We should take a class or something at Christmas time together :) Love and miss ya!



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